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Posted by on Mar 18, 2010

2010 Women in Games Conference Cancelled

2010 Women in Games Conference Cancelled

Remember we told you about the Women in Games conference? Did you get a ticket? No? Well, neither did many other people, apparently – the conference has unfortunately now been cancelled due to “poor delegate numbers”.

The seventh annual conference was due to run in Bradford (UK) 25-26 March. However, poor delegate take up has meant a reversal in plans and forcing the organisers to issue a cancellation only a week before it was scheduled to take place.

This is really disappointing news. Whilst full refunds will be issued, it’s nevertheless disheartening that such a valuable event has had so little interest. Personally, I think the cost of the event had to have played a major factor in its demise, and I know that I would’ve been there had it not been for the hefty admission price. What do you think?

Vikki Blake

Vikki has a penchant for Yorkshire Tea, raspberry cider and swear words. In addition to founding and running GGS Gamer and, she writes news for GamesRadar+ and IGN, and has written reviews and interviews for other places, including Destructoid, Eurogamer, and She's Big Boss at Silent Hill Heaven and a rabid Halo, Destiny, Resident Evil and Mass Effect obsessive.

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  1. This was bad news indeed; the only reason I didn’t sign up was a timing one — it conflicts with PAX East, which I was already planning on going to (until I discovered I couldn’t go!). Sad, but I hope it picks up again in the near future.

    • Last year it was just down the road from me, but I still couldn’t make it. I’m not a student (well, I am this year, but wasn’t at the time!) and as it’s not strictly all that pertinent to my job, I couldn’t have received financial sponsorship. Therefore, two hundred quid was a LOT for me to fork out for essentially a personal hobby/pastime …

  2. Aw man, that’s kind of a low blow. I understand about price and all (although I’m not even sure WHAT the price was), but it seems to kind of carry a bad stigma of people not being interested. Like the demographic is too small. x.x

    • It was £200 (around $300) for the two-day pass, and £125 for one day. Waaay too much, even with the discount perhaps?

  3. This is too bad, but unfortunately it is too far for me to travel. How well advertised was it in the locality of the event?

    • I think within the gaming industry – and possibly amongst academics – it received enough press. I’ve certainly known of it the last three years or so (but as an ‘amateur’, haven’t been able to finance it.)

  4. Well, that’s too bad. : /
    Why was admission so pricey?

  5. What a shame, this was he first I’d heard of it, would have liked to have gone!

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