I recently got kindly given a code by my mate for the Reach Beta, and I discovered something. Halo:Reach is popular! Who’d have guessed eh? Bungie has kindly released information on just how many people played the Beta on day one, and it makes for some interesting reading. So here are the stats…

Total Players Day One: 1,170,112

Total Player Games: 14,205,611

Total Kills: 157,972,986

Total Seconds Spent Playing: 936,864,266

Blimey! That’s some large numbers you’ve got there. Bungie have reportedly doubled the amount that played the Halo 3 Beta already. Is this really a surprise though? I don’t think so.

These numbers will no doubt increase tenfolds as more and more people join up and get fragging.

For more Halo:Reach Beta information check out the official site

Source: Bungie