What do you get when you mix the multiplayer madness of Team Fortress 2 with the iconic Portal Gun from Portal. Team Portress of course!

Team Portress, a 3 Point Games Community mod for Team Fortress 2, adds the iconic gun from Portal into the mix. A few videos have been posted up on PixelatedGeek showing the much loved gun in action. For the hands-on review check out the PixelatedGeek Site

A brilliant video showing off just how to use the gun, and what it can do has also been uploaded. Check it out here!

Some necessary changes had to be made from how the portals usually operate. For example, there’s a timer for each portal, instituted in order to keep players from being stuck in perpetual loops. Also, by reloading, you can manually kill any active portals in the game world.

This will no doubt be an incredibly popular mod with the online Team Fortress community. After all, what’s better than a fricken portal gun? Yeah, not much. So if you love Team Fortress 2 and have it on PC then get your bum online and download this mod!

Source: Joystiq