Welcome to Girlgamerssuck.com’s Glitch Report. If there is a Glitch or abnormality in a videogame, I am the one who is bound to stumble across it and this Glitch Report will outline the most prominent and downright outrageous Glitches that I and others have discovered in games recently. I also encourage you to post your own Glitch experiences in the comments below!

Hello all, it’s a bit late (blame coursework) but The Glitch Report has returned. This April has been packed full of interesting Glitches so let’s not waste any time!

Resident Evil 5, PS3
I’ve been playing this game quite a lot lately with Vixx and we do have a huge amount of fun laughing at various things that Chris Roid- sorry, Redfield and Sheva Bloodyirritati- sorry, Alomar get up to. During the Marshlands level however we found a little tiny Texturing / Meshing Fail on the ground. In the first little fenced off island where you find the… Beast slate? (I’ve Played through this game over 20 times and I still don’t know). As you walk in, where the fence ends on the left, stand exactly in front of the fencepost of the entrance and have your partner look at you. They will be amazed at your levitation skills! Or just giggle at the blatant fail of course. See the horrendously poor quality mobile phone picture at the bottom of this article for more information!

Still on the subject of Resi 5 and its mild failures, who thought this was a good idea. If you are Chris on your play through you know that he’s a beefy chap and his shoulders are likened to vast boulders of stone – maybe that’s why he’s able to shift a gargantuan boulder by punching it… I don’t know. Anyway, if you want to make gameplay almost impossible, say if you want to play a little lame joke on your friend just simply do the following. Use the Heavy Metal costume for Chris for the purpose of the amplified shoulder pads and Give him the Gatling Gun and the Hydra as his only guns. This way, if he tries to aim with the Gatling Gun, the shoulder pads are in the way of your camera angle. If he uses the Hydra, Chris pivots and puts the amazingly huge Ghostbusters Proton Pack style Bullet backpack right in front of the screen so you can see NOTHING… Seriously… Try it out, it’s not a Glitch but it’s an awful design decision that’s for sure.

Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape DLC, PS3
What’s that? More Resi 5? Sure thing!
Ok so I hate – Bold that please – HATE Desperate Escape, I didn’t used to but now it’s just terrible and Vixx agrees. Whilst on our Veteran play through – Yes we are hardcore – we discovered something that made our blood boil and made it way harder for us to get this completed. “Is it the unfair enemy to ammo ratio?!” I hear you scream… No it’s something even dumber. Basically if Vixx/Josh picked up a Herb or First Aid Spray and healed us, it would be ok and we would be forever cheery and able to boogie through our inevitable demise. If I/Jill picked one up and healed us, it would completely neglect Josh’s health and only heal Jill like he wasn’t even there. Not only did this happen every time I tried to “Heal your Partner”, but Vixx could still see the Item on her screen that I had picked up. So countless times she would run over to pick up a nonexistent Herb or F.A.S only to be severely disappointed and bludgeoned in the head by an Executioner’s Hammer thing – Yes there is one with a hammer, it has flattened my face enough times.

Left 4 Dead 2, Xbox 360
I am well and truly addicted to playing the “Versus” mode of this game on Xbox Live, I can’t get enough of it. Though with my hours of gameplay, I have come across an odd little Glitch involving item pickups. Every now and then while playing online, you will go to pick something up, but in the rush you will be nudged about all over the place by other players. If you press the X button to pick up something while you are nudged out of reach, the hand of your character will stay frozen in the reaching pose until you swap out your gun or shoot or anything really. Try it out for yourself, it’s very hard to do, I’ve mainly done it by accident but it is achievable. Then produce lovely screenshots where you are “Grabbin’ a Jockey”, “Grabbin’ an Ellis” or “Grabbin’ a Tank” – The latter is not recommended unless you want to be kicked *Sad face*.

The Saboteur, PS3
This game is excellent and it provides tonnes of fun for a long long time. It is also funny because there are some instances of weirdness not being ironed out of the gameplay before its release. The main encounter with weirdness occurred when I was climbing a catastrophically huge building – because it was fun – and like the excellent judge of jump distance I am, I jumped for a wire to slide on and plummeted the entire way from the top of the building. As Devlin’s face approached the road beneath, I was punching myself for not saving the progress I had made. Then I looked up to see Devlin fall just slightly in front of a car and it hit him before he hit the ground… He didn’t die…
So the lesson here is, look both ways because cars can kill you, unless you have fallen from a tall building. In which case it will save your life somehow and you will be able to walk away completely unscathed except for a small bruise from the grill of the automobile. This made me very amazingly extremely incredibly happy – I’m easily pleased.

That concludes this edition of The Glitch Report, don’t forget to comment below with your Glitches and Errors!

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