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Posted by on Aug 12, 2010

Empire Avenue – ego gaming

Empire Avenue – ego gaming

Turning real life into a game has so far turned into stand up and waggle titles like Kinect and augmented reality titles, but those all shun the effort you have been putting in online up till now with all your twitter updates and flickr pages.

Empire Avenue lets you trade shares and create virtual stock in your ‘real’ online presence. If you tweet like a baroness and your message is retweeted your stock goes up.

Its all about measuring your online influence, connecting with friends and frankly a bit of ego-surfing. Anyone who played Celebdaq before their closure will get the idea.

The group fronting the cash for this are W Media Ventures who have some prior form in social media games. With Google recently investing an estimated $100 million in social gaming firm Zynga (yes those facebook games) this is a growth area and a new type of gaming that we are all starting to get involved in, be it letting your PS3 tweet your latest achievements or Farmville.

From their youtube channel there are some interesting comments about purchasing using real money shares – driving up your share price. Empire Avenue have this to say:

We just (last night) added the ability to even buy the virtual currency (Eaves) with real money. The site is entirely free unless you choose to go that route.
And even if you go that route, you cannot simply buy your way to a higher level – you have to be active and engaged with your audience on external networks and on the site, encouraging them to “buy” your virtual shares.

Watch a video introduction by the team behind it (youtube)
Head over to Empire Avenue to take a look for yourself.

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