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Posted by on Aug 24, 2010

First Metroid: Other M Review is Favorable

Earlier today GoNintendo posted a partial scan of the Metroid: Other M review from Game Informer (Australia). The game scored an 8/10 and is referred to as a “3D Metroid Fusion mixed with a dash of Metroid Prime and an anime film script”. That sounds respectable, right? In a week’s time Other: M will hit store shelves here in America. Europe and Australia will get it a few days later. By then there will be more reviews to go on. Even so, I’ve already made up my mind that this will be a day one purchase. I just hope that the cut scenes don’t bog down the action and exploration. Samus Aran has always been somewhat of a lone wolf among other Nintendo characters. I’m not exactly keen on giving her tons of backstory and having her collaborate with a mess of Galactic Federation soldiers. I guess I yearn for the solitude found in the previous games. Hopefully Samus will blaze her own trail away from that of the Federation soldiers.

In other news, the North American commercial for Other M is live action, featuring a very attractive young actress playing Samus Aran in her Zero Suit. You can click here for a very high quality stream of the commercial. The actual commercial is kind of cheesy but you get a look at the baby metroid and a vicious looking Ridley. The inner monologue kills it though. When Samus remarks “what’s past is prologue” I rolled my eyes. Hopefully the commercial isn’t a real indication of the quality of the game.

Update: The Famitsu review for Other M just came in. The game scored a 9/9/8/9 for a total of 35/40. That translates to an 8.75 out of 10. The Nintendo Power score which was also revealed just a little while ago is 8.5. For those that take reviews to heart when deciding to make a purchase, things are looking positive so far.  I would like to give credit to GoNintendo’s news team for trickling out the review scores one by one today. You can expect a review from myself in the next couple of weeks.

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