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Posted by on Sep 17, 2010

This IS the droid you’ve been looking for

This IS the droid you’ve been looking for

R2-D2 just got a whole lot cooler.

In what began as a simple project to eliminate the mess of too many gaming consoles has now turned into the coolest thing I think I have ever laid my eyes upon. A R2-D2 with gaming consoles built inside. And no, not just one or two gaming consoles. Stuffed within this unit is an original nintendo entertainment system, a super nintendo, a gamecube, a sega genesis, a sega dreamcast, an xbox, a ps2, an atari 7800, and even a psp!

And how exactly does one play these games? With the projector included, of course.

Created by Brian De Vitis, a mechanical engineering grad student from UCLA, this project started out back in 2007 with an old R2-D2 shaped Pepsi cooler before it slowly became the ultimate gaming hub. If you’re interested in seeing the progression of this project, you can head on over to Brian’s website for more images of this fantastic gaming droid.

Source: kotaku | Fort90

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  1. That is awesome!

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