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Posted by on Sep 29, 2010

New Fatal Frame game to be released on Wii

New Fatal Frame game to be released on Wii

OH YEAH! Tecmo Koei have released some new screenshots from their new title, temporarily named “Zero New Title”, and it looks like the game is a remake of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. The screenshots feature a pair of Female twins in clothes very similar to those of Mio and Mayu, the twins from the original PS2 release, and one of the locations also looks to be very similar. Considering that Fatal Frame 2 is my favourite title from the series, this is exciting news!

More images are available from Siliconera.

Before I get too excited, the game is going to be released by Nintendo in Japan. This makes the chances of Zero New Title being released in Western countries slim as we are yet to (and unlikely to) get Fatal Frame 4, which was also published by Nintendo. However, the game was patched by fans and will run on an unmodified Wii as long as you have a physical copy of the Japanese release. More information on the patch is available here. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly was released on the PS2 in 2003 by Tecmo in the US, and by Ubisoft under the title “Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly” in Europe in 2004. If you are a survival horror fan, you owe it to yourself to give this game a try!

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  1. I LOVED these games! xD

    • Me too! Didn’t like 3 all that much, but that was more because of the story :/

  2. Oh man don’t get me started…. the only reason I got a Wii was to play Project Zero 4, they string fans around for a year and then tell us they will NEVER release it. I’m so bitter about the whole thing I still refuse to buy a japanese copy of the game and use the patch, because that would involve giving them my money when they so obviously don’t want it.
    This will just one more awesome game that will never get an english release.
    Bitter. Me? Noooooo

    • Yeah, I know lots of people in the same position, I also decided not to import it due to the cost of it. Nintendo really did drop the ball here, but I’m also supprised Tecmo Koei have decided to work with them again given what was said around by both parties around 4’s release.

      I’m trying to stay optimistic for the release of this new title, but at this stage I’m trying not to get excited.

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