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Posted by on Oct 5, 2010

Iceberg Interactive announce new horror adventure IP

Iceberg Interactive announce new horror adventure IP

European publisher Iceberg Interactive have today announced a partnership with fledgling developer Wax Lyrical. Together they are creating Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok, a brand new point-and-click horror title, due for release on PC in 2011.

The game will be set in and around an abandoned leisure complex, a “city inside a building”, called Utopia. Created by the titular Wittard, Utopia sounds like paradise on paper – thousands of apartments, offices, a shopping centre and more – but it was never opened to the public. Now, Utopia is shrouded in mystery – people are vanishing and paranormal activity is rife in the surrounding areas.

Armed with nothing but a torch and a camera you must explore the winding, desolate shell of Utopia, investigate the strange, otherworldly occurrences and uncover Wittard’s dark secret. Eric Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive, spoke about the game in a press release sent out today.

“Baron Wittard is one of those adventure games that looks like it was made to be published by Iceberg Interactive. The wheels to set this project in motion was the success of other UK horror adventure games that we have released in the past such as Barrow Hill and Dark Fall, while puzzle-wise it draws inspiration from other genre classics such as The 7th Guest.

We felt that this was a very promising combination and hopefully the people that finish the 30 hour trip that is Baron Wittard, will agree with us that this mix has resulted in a top notch adventure gaming experience.”

Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok is Wax Lyrical’s first title. For more information and some impressive-looking screenshots head to the official site.

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