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Posted by on Feb 23, 2011

Silent Hill 2’s story continued by ambitious fan.

Silent Hill 2’s story continued by ambitious fan.

With the aid of UDK on PC, spanish designer “Titobruni” is continuing the story of Silent Hill 2.
So far one part has been released with the name “Sanatorium” and has various stunning updated visuals, aswell as references to Twin Peaks’ Red Room which I find exciting because I am a nerd…

There will be a second part in a few days that follows James and Maria and is based around Toluca Lake.

To my understanding, you must own Unreal Tournament 3 to play this game as it is a Mod based off of the Unreal Development Kit. So if you’re one of the lucky ones to be able to see this game in action, please give us your opinions on this exciting continuation of what Titobruni calls “the most amazing videogame ever created”, and rightly so.

Visit the creators page here.

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  1. I feel like I know her, but sometimes my arms bend back…

    This is very cool! I’ll definitely have to look into getting the essentials to play this!

  2. Awesome! Though, do you have to have UT3? In a comment the creator said:

    “this is not for Unreal, Its for UDK, you can play in your PC withou Unreal. Only insttall and play.” (sic)

    So maybe you don’t need to have it? Or do you technically have to own UT3 to legally run UDK? I know nothing about this so please, teach me, folk, so I can play this! :D

  3. no, UDK is free for every one. Epic Games decided give us this powerfull tool for users creators!

    only i think that if you want make a comercial game you must to pay Epic the taxs…

    dont worry, you can play withou any problem!!

    see you, and sorry myu english too

    • Aha thank you very much for clearing that up for us! I shall play it right now. You are a genius!

  4. Thats so freaking cool! great games never die :)

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