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Posted by on Mar 29, 2011

GAME caught re-selling Tesco 3DS stock: UPDATED

GAME caught re-selling Tesco 3DS stock: UPDATED

Just when we thought the UK’s leading gaming retailer couldn’t embarrass themselves any further, the clued-up Eurogamer crew have uncovered a rather sensitive document, detailing a shady operation deployed by GAME bosses on the night of the 3DS launch.

Anticipating a stock shortage, management distributed a last-ditch mission plan to stores, sending staff trundling down to Tesco’s at midnight to take advantage of the supermarket giant’s insane 3DS offer.

That’s £175 for the console, with the purchase of any game at £34.90, a total of £209.90.

Their intentions? To sell these units as “pre-owned” once “mint” stock had run out. However, though GAME staff were told in no uncertain terms not to up-sell their shop-bought stocks of the 3DS, they were also told the units were to be sold at the same price as their new supplies.

Incidentally, on launch day, GAME and Gamestation were level-pegging for lowest value-for-money on the high street – even less impressive in light of this new development.

A member of GAME staff told Eurogamer that their store was reprimanded by management for refusing to take part in the impromptu shopping trip, despite a spokesperson for the retailer maintaining that the scheme was optional.

[Source: Eurogamer]

UPDATE: Following the nationwide furore yesterday, Tesco have put their two cents in, dodgy puns and all! A spokesperson today told Eurogamer, “We always provide Tesco customers with the best value – we think you could say this is GAME, set and match.” Boom boom!

A Nintendo representative this morning assured CVG that the company aren’t concerned about the scandal affecting launch sales figures. “We believe the level of this activity to be very, very minimal and as such believe it will not significantly influence our final GfK Chart Track number.”

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  1. Hahahaha what a total fail!

    • Fail indeed. Not cool, GAME – not cool at all …

  2. That’s so…that’s just not right at all, in so many shades.

    • I agree, Tabs. This is a right show up! I wouldn’t have said it was against the law but it would almost-certainly violate certain clauses and terms of their contract with their supply chain. I know they’re not allowed to get extra stock from places like Amazon, so how is Tesco’s any different?

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