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Posted by on May 3, 2011

Square Enix to Distribute Dead Island in North and South America

Square Enix to Distribute Dead Island in North and South America

Imagine, a quiet holiday get away, a couple of cocktails, love of your life hanging off your arm. Sunshine, nice summer breeze.

Don’t get too caught up in the moment now.

Zombie apocalypses have proven to be quite fun in the past, and hopefully Dead Island won’t disappoint us with the Paradisio-turned-Inferno scenario. Unfortunately, an official release date is still forthcoming, and we’re all hoping that the upcoming E3 will provide us with some answers in that regards, and more.

What we do know now is that Square Enix will be stepping in to help European developer Deep Silver distribute the title in both North and South America. Says Geoff Mulligan, COO of Deep Silver, “Square Enix’s impressive distribution and marketing capabilities, combined with their proven success with launching top-notch AAA titles, makes them the absolute best partner for Dead Island.”

We might associate Square Enix more closely with the likes of Final Fantasy, but if Dead Island can hold up to the hype generated by their debut trailer, then we can be sure to see a lot of zombie spam leading up to the game’s release.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with [Square Enix’s] dedicated and talented team and look forward to collaborating with them in order to bring Dead Island to gamers,” said Mulligan.

Check out the macabre trailer released by Deep Silver:

Want more tasty little tidbits? Check out the Official Website for more screenshots and media.

Via Game Informer.

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