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Posted by on Jul 19, 2011

Metatron’s Ascension is Going to Have to Wait Until August 16th in U.S.

Metatron’s Ascension is Going to Have to Wait Until August 16th in U.S.

It was said earlier today that UTV Ignition’s El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron was going to be delayed in North America. Sadly, it has proven to be true. Moving out of the release date on July 26th, the same date for Atlus’ psychotic love-story head trip Catherine, the twitter feed for El Shaddai stated that “the rumors are true…El Shaddai’s U.S. date slips to 8.16.11, but ‘Don’t Worry, Everything’s Fine.'” It went on to assure fans to “hold tight!”

It’s not known what is causing the delay, except perhaps some logistical issues. What we do know is that patient fans will definitely be rewarded, especially if they’re going to the International Comic-Con event in San Diego. “Remember that patience is a virtue, and [El Shaddai] fans at Comic-Con will surely have their patience rewarded,” said the Twitter feed.

So what shall we do in the meantime? Enoch won’t be losing his patience, so neither should we. The U.K. release date is still confirmed to be on September 9th, so there’s no delay there.

Patience will certainly be a virtue in this case.

Via El Shaddai, Siliconera

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