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Posted by on Jul 31, 2011

Free-to-Play Stronghold Kingdoms to Conquer France

Free-to-Play Stronghold Kingdoms to Conquer France

Independent developer Firefly Studios has introduced its MMORTS Stronghold Kingdoms to new territory: France. As a result of the game’s popularity in the U.S., England and Germany, Firefly Studios has decided to thrust it across the channel and into France, expanding MMO opportunities for players.

Stronghold Kingdoms has been a favorite since the release of its 2010 beta. (According to Firefly Studios’ most recent press release, Buddha even gave this game a 9/10, calling it “the closest humanity has ever come to enlightenment.” Now, if that’s not the endorsement of endorsements, I don’t know what is.) To call Firefly Studios pioneers would be nothing short of accurate. This game is, in fact, the first strategy game ever made where you start off as the Village Idiot before you majestically rise through the ranks to the honorable Yokel. Fortunately, your chances at advancement don’t end there; you could wind up the King of England in this game if you wish. That is, if you don’t mind stepping on a few other Yokels on the way.

So what can you do in this game, exactly? Everything! Hungry? Hold a banquet. Disappointed in your village? Continue to build and craft it. Feeling religious? Help improve your local parish. Feeling…pillage-y? Pillage a village! The features of gameplay don’t end there. In Stronghold Kingdoms, players can race other players for resources. They trade with with each other, construct castles strategically to withstand armies and research new technologies. They also have the chance to gain and use strategy cards to increase their output, gold finds, and additional advantages.

The game is available now for free at the official Stronghold Kingdoms site.

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  1. Great review! :)

    • I always like to spread the word about fun free-to-plays!

  2. This game looks pretty good!! reminds me of Age of Empire on the PC back in the days..use to love that game so will defo give this a try too!!

  3. ITs fucking noob game )) my four cityis destroyed a school kid ((

  4. This game is a BMP updated with crappy 30sec intervals, the graphics look like Transport tycoon times in mid 1990’s

    and compared to the old Stronghold games – the quest system just makes war and land control useless, THIS is like sawing Settlers or Civilization in ½ and adding insult to injury, their card system can easily cost you 3-4x the value of a REALLY GOOD GAME every month, cards burn out quick and if you wanna play for real you need them, otherwise you are food for carders…

  5. Lol how can i like verify my email??

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