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Posted by on Aug 3, 2011

Bleedin’ and Screamin’ with New Screens from Rise of Nightmares

Bleedin’ and Screamin’ with New Screens from Rise of Nightmares

We’re going to say this right now. Rise of Nightmares looks brutal, with all of its messy dismemberments and nasty blood-soaked weaponry. You should probably turn away if blood makes you squeamish – the latest batch of screens from SEGA’s upcoming horror game is no laughing matter despite the occasional jester that pops up.

These jesters are anything but friendly and cute. No, they have jagged teeth, rust stains, and…well, there’s just something very off about that grin of theirs. The nurses are going to be anything but helpful, and beware that electrical chair over there. Did we mention random hanging bodies? There’s plenty of that too.

If you think you’ve got the guts of a champion, then check out these bloody new screens. We get a peek at just how much gore can fit into one screen, the glimpse of a chainsaw in action, and some sexy nurses, but they’re not the attractive honeys we’d like to think they are. That is, if you can get past the empty stares, the stumbling, and the wrongness of it all.

If you think you can handle the horror, then you’ll have a bleeding good time. It’s time for some serious sleep-deprivation when Rise of Nightmares comes out of the grave this coming September, only on the Xbox 360 Kinect.

Via Rely on Horror.

Tabitha W.

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