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Posted by on Aug 12, 2011

3DS Prices Slashed

3DS Prices Slashed

In line with the nation-wide price cuts of the Nintendo 3DS, retailers have entered a price war of huge proportions. The console, originally retailing at £229.99, can now be found in stores for half of that, with even larger savings to be had when bought in conjuntion with a trade-in.

Supermarkets and large online retailers are leading the charge in terms of the best price for the console. Both Amazon and Tesco are offering the console for £115, with Morrisons offering the console at £120. Morrisons are also offering all 3DS games and software for £25 – an absolute steal, considering most games have an RRP of £39.99 or more.

It’s not just the largest stores offering stupendous savings either. GAME stores are offering huge savings on their consoles for those looking to trade in an older varient of the popular handheld. Walking in the store today with a DSi XL will allow you to walk away with a 3DS for £49.99, and adding a tenner will net you the Ocarina of Time bundle. HMV are offering large discounts also, with the 3DS and a selected game costing £69.99 with the trade in of the DSi XL.

There has never been a better time to purchase the 3DS – big releases such as Street Fighter x Tekken and Mario Kart 3DS are imminent, and the Ocarina of Time remake is simply magnificent. With the expected influx of trade ins for the console, the price of the older DS models will plummet – expect to be able to pick up a DSi XL for under £50 in the immediate future.

Happy bargain hunting!

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  1. Bought mine today – £115 from Tesco’s. Last one they had in stock (woman told me that they were “flying” out of the store and, “seriously, how did [I] know they were on sale … ?”


    Picked up Zelda OoT, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and PES to keep me and my little ‘un busy whilst on holiday this year!


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