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Posted by on Aug 19, 2011

Gamestop’s Console Game Streaming in Early Beta

Gamestop’s Console Game Streaming in Early Beta

The concept of cloud gaming fascinates me, and provided all the kinks can be eventually worked out I can see it having a huge impact on how we game; especially for those of us with low-end PCs.

However cloud gaming is not completely directed at the PC market, with Gamestop recently announcing that they were currently beta-testing the streaming of games for PS3 and Xbox. Back in late-March, Gamestop purchased Spawn Labs, a streaming technology company. Their intention to bring a cloud-based service for high-definition games has finally born fruit and they intend to have the service available mid-next year.

Games will be streamed via the Spawn client, and my guess is that it will work much in the same way as services like LoveFilm; with you logging onto the client through your console.

“Spawn recently began its first beta and is currently live, testing the streaming of Xbox 360, PS3 and PC games from a data centre in Austin, Texas,” explains GameStop president Tony Bartel.

“We continue to get positive feedback from our publishing partners about the pro-console, low-investment model that we have chosen.”

Gamestop are set to reveal more about the service early next year. I’m curious about the cost of the service, and also whether the service will be available worldwide; or just in the States upon release.


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