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Posted by on Sep 2, 2011

Dragon’s Dogma Won’t be Skimping on Brawling or Anything that Involves Bloodshed

Dragon’s Dogma Won’t be Skimping on Brawling or Anything that Involves Bloodshed

High fantasy with an emphasis on brawling and hardcore fighting don’t typically go hand in hand, but Capcom is aiming to change that. With its upcoming release Dragon’s Dogma, the old school powerhouse is aiming to do just that — create a fantasy and magic themed game that doesn’t make for stodgy or boring fighting sequences.

Whether or not this venture is going to be successful remains to be seen, but Capcom seems to know what its doing. Dragon’s producer is none other than Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who also played a key role in Devil May Cry 4. While this game didn’t exactly leave the best taste in fans’ mouths, it still had some pretty cool action sequences.

In an interview with Siliconera, Kobayashi said that he really enjoys his time working on something a little different than devil-slaying. “I never thought I would be on a fantasy game like [Dragon’s Dogma],” he said. “The Devil May Cry series is kind of like a fantasy series, in it’s own way, but it’s not a traditional swords and sorcery game. Working on a fantasy game is fun because there are familiar themes, which makes it easy to get involved with.”

Familiarity is the name of the game in Kobayashi’s case, as he confesses that working on Devil May Cry 4 made the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 familiar to him. “I think my involvement with Devil May Cry 4 might have the most direct impact on this game since Dragon’s Dogma is designed for PlayStation 3 and 360,” said Kobayashi. “Knowing what those systems can do was really important when designing this game.”

With his track record, it’s no wonder that Dragon’s Dogma will be heavy on the combat, as Kobayashi said that his history with the action genre is combining with the knowledge of other Capcom members to create this game. It’s not a secret that Capcom likes their combat-centric games either. “All of the knowhow the Capcom staff have for making action games, they’ve really taken all of that from all the different games we’ve made and tried to pour that into this game,” said Kobayashi. “For us, the biggest challenge was how do you meld the world of action based fighting with an open world setting. Especially, an open world game that has RPG elements too, while trying to keep the focus on the action. For us, that has been the biggest challenge.

“The core design team came from Devil May Cry 4, including the director, Hideaki Itsuno. The influences from that game are pretty strong in here. We didn’t want to just take the Devil May Cry system and throw it in this game. We wanted to take the influence of that game.”

Will we be seeing stylish take downs on some of mythology’s most revered creatures? Yeah, yeah we will, and we’ll probably feel quite comfortable with the mechanics. Kobayashi explained that the controls are going to be familiar to devil-hunting fans because they’ve been directly inspired by Devil May Cry. “We looked at what we did in Devil May Cry, for example the way Dante and Nero interact with the enemies,” said Kobayashi. “We took what’s good about fighting enemies up close and personal and tried to put that in Dragon’s Dogma. We also tried to take that to the next level and tried to make it feel more realistic.”

Part of the process in making things feel more realistic is the idea of freedom. The freedom to do as you please, the freedom to fight as you want to. While some could argue that a grab mechanic is inspired by Nero’s devilish reach, Kobayashi said that his decision was more influenced by the idea that the main character should be able to do whatever he wants in Dragon’s world. That includes fighting however he wants to. “The fact that you have an open world and the main character can go and do whatever he wants in this world, it gave birth to the idea that he’s fighting enemies and he should be able to fight them in any way that he wants and so we came up with the idea of the grab mechanic,” explained Kobayashi. “He can climb on these enemies and fight them however he chooses. I think the freedom which you can fight creatures is one of the main selling points of Dragon’s Dogma. We wanted it to feel like you’re the hero in a movie and you can do whatever you want while fighting.”

The combat-centricness of Dragon’s is already starting to sound epic in itself. Kobayashi further explained that since you’ll be doing a lot of grappling, the team worked hard to make the mechanic an integral and fun part of combat, as opposed to a stale crutch to lean upon. “…you don’t just grab on to enemies by themselves, you work with people in your party as well,” said Kobayashi. “Say you’re a mage, and you use fire, but you need to get in close. One of the people in your party can launch you towards the creature and you can get in close to attack. You can have a creature that’s flying around like the griffon and someone can throw you on to the griffon. In mid-air you can grab on and start fighting.”

We’re having some definite Lord of the Rings movie flashbacks right about now. Dragon’s Dogma is going to be impressive, and the care that Capcom is taking to make every aspect of the game fun will definitely prove to be a winner. While the expectations are high for Capcom, there is no doubt that they will deliver.

Dragon’s Dogma will be flying onto the scene in 2012.

Read the full first part of Kobayashi’s interview with Siliconera here.

Via VG 24/7.

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