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Posted by on Sep 9, 2011

Crysis Coming to PSN, XBLA in October 2011

Crysis Coming to PSN, XBLA in October 2011

Oh Crysis, how I remember you. When Crysis came out during the Holiday 2007 season, it was a huge advance in visuals on the PC. Crysis was one of the first games that I remember that had been developed for tech that did not even exist at release. Some of the bleeding edge hardware that was out for PC gamers could only muster the game at a good framerate at high settings only. The Ultra settings ended up leaving people with a near unplayable game. It also ended up being a disappointment at the cash register, as it sold a paltry 88,000 copies in its first month, leading Crytek to move to a multi-platform strategy for future titles. Unfortunately, console players would get Crysis 2 years later, but never had a framework for the world as the original Crysis was landlocked to PCs.

Now that walled off garden will be opened up to console players as the original Crysis is coming to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in October 2011. This new release will sell for $19.99 or 1600 MS Points depending on platform. This new version will be “modified and enhanced” for consoles and will bring the original story to an audience that missed out on the origins of the Crysis world. No word on whether the multiplayer component will be included in the download, but it is a decent game for its time and fans of Crysis 2 that did not play it should look to pick it up.

Joseph Haygood

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