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Posted by on Sep 14, 2011

NBA 2K12 Takes You to Training Camp

NBA 2K12 Takes You to Training Camp

The devs for NBA 2K12 have taken to their community page on Facebook to talk about the new training mode in the game. In the previous version of the NBA 2K series, you would perform in a series of drills that would help you with shooting, dribbling and more. This time around, they now have you training in a mentor mode.

This new method of training comes with several new features. With this mentor mode, you will be presented with an iconic legend and a current player and the legend will teach you certain lessons to succeed in basketball. One of the lessons will have Jordan as the mentor teaching a young Kobe Bryant the specifics of shooting. While Hakeem Olajuwan will work with Dwight Howard with another drill.

Another new feature, that I am happy to see come into the training mode is the overlay that shows you a controller and how to perform the move properly. I did not learn some of the advanced moves in NBA 2K11, because it was hard to understand what you needed to do with the controller. Now you get that visual cue, helping you key in on what needs to be done.

To end the current training lesson and move on to the next one, you have to defeat the legend with the moves you just learned. A specific score will need to be beaten in order to move on.

If you want more, head over to the NBA 2K12 article

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