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Posted by on Sep 17, 2011

Calibur11 Reveals Bad A** Gears of War 3 Xbox Vault

Calibur11 Reveals Bad A** Gears of War 3 Xbox Vault

Do you love Gears of War so much that you’re not afraid to profuse it by getting one of the most bad a** cases for your Xbox 360 Slim? You don’t have to wait long for it, because Dutch accessory maker Calibur11 has revealed one of the best looking cases for the newest Xbox models.

With most of the Gears of War 3 reviews already up and running, it’s no doubt that this game will be a huge seller next week when it releases for retail. Many a fan has been eagerly awaiting the conclusion of this long-standing series since its debut in 2006, and the multiplayer beta earlier this year was proof of just how many people have been dying for this game.

To celebrate the release of the trilogy-ender, Calibur11 is releasing one of their special “Vault” packages, which doesn’t give you just a fancy skin for your Xbox. It comes with a cradle to rest your controller when not in use, and also has an interactive “Infected Omen” symbol on the case that glows red when you’re killed in-game. Oh yeah, and there’s also a Gears 3 nameplate too. Four feet keep the Xbox sitting in the upright position, and has vents on the sides to ensure that your console doesn’t overheat during use.

As if to make the deal a little sweeter, each Gears 3 vault will come with an opportunity to win an official life sized COG Armor Suit for display. Scare off your roommate by putting it in front of your door, potential looters, or your office mates by sticking it in your cubicle at work. What better way to tell everyone that you’re a serious COG-recruit and don’t want people messing with your stuff?

The product is currently set for $89.99 in Calibur11’s catalog. While the price might seem hefty, consider all the detail work and the other stuff thrown in with the package. Check out this sweet casing in all its backlit and deliciously reddened glory:

The Vault is currently on pre-order, and will begin shipping on September 18th. Order yours at Calibur11’s site.

The fight against the Locust ends on September 20th.

Via GamePro.

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