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Posted by on Oct 11, 2011

Hideo Kojima Wants Someone Else to Continue the Metal Gear Legacy

Hideo Kojima Wants Someone Else to Continue the Metal Gear Legacy

The mastermind behind one of the most iconic stealth series in the video game industry has tried again and again to hand off his game to others. Hideo Kojima lamented that every time he’s done it though, he finds himself jumping back into the fray to take care of his little treasure because “it never really works out.”

“I have tried in the past,” said Kojima in an interview with GameTrailers. “I’ve tried to hand Metal Gear off to other people within the studio and I’ve tried to raise people up so they have the ability to take over. And I think since Metal Gear Solid 3, I’ve tried this and actually did hand it off and have other people come up with the story and come up with the game design.

“But for some reason, it just never really works out. And, you know, I end up having to step in again to take charge and kind of fix things here and there and just get sucked back in unfortunately.”

Kojima continued that even after he passes on, as long as there is a devoted fan base, there will be more Metal Gear in the future. “As long as there are fans who want Metal Gear Solid, as a producer, I will always want to still make them and I want the series to continue,” he said. “So even after I die, I still would love to have the Metal Gear Solid series continue.”

Now that’s some serious devotion to a brand. With the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection due to release soon, fans are starting to ask about the next Metal Gear title. Will we finally get to see Metal Gear Solid RISING in action?

Via CVG.

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