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Posted by on Oct 19, 2011

Mainland China to See First Game Console Soon

Mainland China to See First Game Console Soon

China doesn’t like fun things. They don’t like anything that stops productivity. This would explain why they have a ban on video games and the “Big 3” consoles. The fact that they’ll be seeing the release of a game console by Lenovo is causing a stir.

According to Kotaku, Lenovo plans to release a console called the iSec, which will feature controls similar to the Xbox 360’s Kinect. Just in time for the holidays, the iSec is scheduled to release this December on the Chinese mainland for 3,000 Yuan, or roughly $470.00 USD.

Thanks to the national ban on gaming consoles, there really is no other platform for Chinese gamers to play on other than a computer. Thus, the strong presence of PC gaming in China, and it’s emphasized by places called Cyber Cafes. Teens and college students frequent these high-tech hangouts to have LAN parties, surf the web, or play their favorite PC games. The console ban has been in place since 2000, when concerned parents said that having video games would make kids waste their time. Oh, you buzzkills.

Another issue that may be contributing to the ban of consoles in China is rampant piracy, particularly DVDs for movies and TV shows. Given how iron-fisted Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are about video game piracy, it’s really no surprise that they haven’t fought the ban.

What impact the Lenovo iSec will bring to the video game ban remains to be seen. All we know is that there’s going to be quite a commotion this holiday season.

Via G4TV.

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