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Posted by on Nov 3, 2011

Rebirthing a Series: Ninja Theory Swears It Won’t Go Crazy with DMC

Rebirthing a Series: Ninja Theory Swears It Won’t Go Crazy with DMC

“The theme with this DMC is ‘rebirth,'” said Motohide Eshiro, the Capcom Producer keeping tags on Ninja Theory’s work. In an interview with Japan’s Famitsu magazine, Eshiro emphasized that while this may not please hardcore fans of the series, he wanted to leave the new installment of the devil hunting favorite to a studio that understood the current generation. “We want to make a new Devil May Cry that still retains and takes advantage of the current game world, and I thought it’d be best to leave that task to a team that understood what makes DMC fun while being able to approach it from a different viewpoint than a Japanese outfit,” said Eshiro.

Capcom has every faith in Ninja Theory’s capabilities, saying that they wanted a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at everything in DMC, including Dante’s new look. “Ninja Theory has a great deal of talent when it comes to visuals, and I figured that combining that with Capcom’s action-game experience would give us that new game we’re looking for,” said Eshiro.

Fans are still at odds with one another (and Ninja Theory too) over the latest revamp in the devil hunter’s new duds. However, Eshiro said that the final result was the product of a lot of fine-tuning, not just something Ninja Theory cooked up overnight. “We had Ninja Theory think about what Dante would look like if he was ‘cool’ from an overseas perspective,” said Eshiro. “He has to be appealing to Japanese people as well though, so the current design is the result of several rounds of fine-tuning.”

“His hair color and the fact he’s half-angel, half-devil are both changes from previous games,” said Tameem Antoniades, Ninja Theory’s Director. “This background is soemthing we intend to explain within the game — there’s a reason for it, although we aren’t talking about it quite yet.”

Something that Ninja Theory wasn’t shy to talk about is DMC‘s carrying on of the signature gunplay-swordplay fighting style. “It is the same in that you are using a mixture of swords and guns,” said Eshiro, “but we’re trying to implement a system that gives you the advantage if you use your guns wisely. We’re going to include a wider variety of weapons than just the pair of guns you usually have.”

Variety really will be the spice of life in this case. Along with new weaponry, Ninja Theory plans to unveil a mixture of angelic and demonic powers. Switching between these new powers and weapons, and you might just have the perfect formula for absolute destruction. “Angel powers are mainly speed-driven and allow players to deal a large number of blows,” said Eshiro. “You can also move around more quickly with them. Meanwhile, demon powers deilver a heavy punch with each hit. You switch between these two powers in realtime, and that’s where the gameplay gets much of its flavor.”

There will be plenty of things for everyone to do. Whether you want to go heavy with the punches and take your guns with you or not, Antoniades says there’s going to be something for everyone. “Every player can play in his own stylish sort of way, going from angel powers to gunfire to demon powers and back,” he said. “We’re trying to make a game where you have a ton of freedom, where you can do whatever you want anytime you want.”

Whether this will placate the naysayers or not remain to be seen, but both Capcom and Ninja Theory are confident that they can create a giant splash with this new cousin to the series. “I hope people will see this not as another game in the series, but as a completely new title,” said Antoniades. “The core fun in the gameplay is shared with the previous titles, so I’m sure fans will like it.”

“It’s a major challenge we’ve undertaken,” Eshiro added. “It’s a different team and so naturally it’ll be a different game from before, but the entire team is working hard to ensure the play feel is the same. It’s a brand-new DMC born from the DNA of the rest of the series.”

Look for DMC to turn your world upside down in 2012.

For the full interview with Capcom and Ninja Theory, check it out here.

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