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Posted by on Nov 17, 2011

Two new gadgets coming to Kinect Fun Labs

Two new gadgets coming to Kinect Fun Labs

Microsoft’s innovative and slightly unusual Fun Labs has been updated with the addition of two new modes for users to play around with. Out now is Magical Feet, a gadget that allows you to make music with your feet on a giant virtual keyboard. You can select your own sound from a multitude of available instruments (including your voice). It is availble now for 160 Microsoft points.

It reminds me of those giant keyboards you sometimes found in large toy shops as kid. Though not nearly as awing, it’s still a pretty neat little idea.

Secondly, but not released until the 28th of this month is Battle Stuff. This allows you to scan household objects and fight them out Pokémon style.

So. This is definitely a novel idea and I admit that having my toaster put the smackdown on an iPod sounds like it would be epic, there is still an obvious level of abuse that this system would receive. Of the phallic variety. Boys will be boys you see, and the opportunity to have your junk fight it out, or just disgust people would be a tempting attraction to the more deviant among us.

So, who of you actually have a room big enough to dance on a giant keyboard...?

Still no doubt this level of abuse has been factored in, and the banning hammer will be brought to fore to deal with the results of many drunken house parties.

Though not out until the end of the month, Battle Stuff will be free to download.

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