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Posted by on Dec 27, 2011

Nintendo Direct Gives Up New Details on Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem 3DS

Nintendo Direct Gives Up New Details on Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem 3DS

We’re all still recovering from the holidays, but Nintendo has been hard at work this whole time. Today the second “Nintendo Direct” video, a pre-recorded presentation directed at fans, was aired, and president Satoru Iwata had a lot to say about the upcoming things for Nintendo.

While most of the release dates mentioned during the video had to do with Japan’s dates, Iwata had lots to devulge about the 3DS eShop and also Kid Icarus: Uprising and Fire Emblem 3DS.

As everyone was clamoring for, Iwata confirmed that Kid Icarus: Uprising will have online multiplayer, and also showcased the three-v-three multiplayer mode. 3DS owners in America and Europe recently were given a taste of competing against each other through Mario Kart 7. Kid Icarus will be the next title to further showcase that portable competition. Iwata has said that the game will be ready to ship to America and Europe in March 2012.

Iwata went on to confirm that Fire Emblem 3DS will be released in Japan on April 19, 2012 with the title Fire Emblem: Kakuse. There will be two-player co-op play featured in this title for the first time in the franchise history.

Lastly, Iwata has also announced that the eShop will finally receive game demos much like the Xbox Live Marketplace. As of right now, the demos are only available in the Japanese marketplace, but we hope to hear that the American and European marketplace will receive the demos soon.

For more information and a direct translation of the video, check out the blog post made by Andriasang.

Via IGN.

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