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Posted by on Jan 26, 2012

MicroVolts to Battlestations

MicroVolts to Battlestations

Ever felt like playing Team Fortress 2 in miniature atop a PC game developer’s battlestation? Well, most game companies might tell you to get your head checked, but Rock Hippo Productions are here to cater for insanity.

MicroVolts has a 2012 update including a new map to battle your miniature foes: the actual developer’s office space. If you’re already a MicroVolter then you’ll be pleased to know that the character Knox now has a new costume set with a Native American theme as well as a whole bunch of new weapons for all the characters.

Whether updates like these and the miniature niche can mount a survival challenge when the likes of Monday Night Combat are in the arena is yet to be seen. But in the mean time it looks like a bit of fun.

Find out more about this free to play TPSMMO here.

Dan Spicer

Dan does "What Dan Does", normally involving screwing over the premise of the game just to have fun. When he's not being obnoxious in video games he's doing the same when playing tabletop RPGs and Magic: The Gathering. He's currently studying philosophy in London, and trying to cook as many pancakes as humanly possible.

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