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Posted by on Feb 20, 2012

Free 3DS Demos Keep Coming with Nintendogs + Cats

Free 3DS Demos Keep Coming with Nintendogs + Cats

In preparation for the release on March 25 in Europe, the Nintendo eShop is following up on its MGS3D free demo with a free demo for Nintendogs + Cats. So what’s to look forward to in this demo? Well, it is much the same game as before, including training your animal and playing with it. But this time you can’t teach a virtual dog a million tricks. That is you can only teach your Nintendog or cat a certain number of tricks each day.

If, like me, you’re a cat person then it’s more than just tabbies, there’s a whole range of different types including “pointed oriental kittens”. Yep, that’s in the press release. Weirdly specific, right? Anyway the big thing about the 3D version is your pet will be able to recognise you and may get stroppy if someone else comes to play with it. While realistic, it does sort of kill the joy of sharing your game with friends.

Well, if you fancy a go at this demo for free, pick it up now, if, like me, you find the whole notion of virtual animals slightly creepy then search those drawers and dig out your old Tamagotchi.

Dan Spicer

Dan does "What Dan Does", normally involving screwing over the premise of the game just to have fun. When he's not being obnoxious in video games he's doing the same when playing tabletop RPGs and Magic: The Gathering. He's currently studying philosophy in London, and trying to cook as many pancakes as humanly possible.

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