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Posted by on Mar 7, 2012

Review: Smash N Survive

Review: Smash N Survive

Title: Smash N Survive
Platform:  PS3
Developer: Version 2 Games
Publisher: PSN
TL;DR: Fast paced car combat with added multiplayer demolition derby fun
Family Friendly?: yes indeed Click here to skip the detail and see if this game is right for your family!


Version 2 Games puts the pedal to the metal to bring us Smash N Survive, their first offering which has handbrake turned its way onto PSN. Being that the game promises automobile combat it automatically gets points in its favour but how does it shape up?

on fire!!

Well here’s the thing, it’s not that there’s anything overly wrong with Smash N Survive, it’s just there’s nothing particularly right or exceptional about it. I guarantee if you’re under ten and love to play games on your older siblings PS3 then this is the game for you. It has great looking cars, high speed chases and all the smashes and crashes your eyes can handle. There’s little in the way of story to weigh you down; its instead a series of quick fire missions played out over the same settings over and over again, some missions see you stunt racing, others straight out car combat and there’s even a bit of bomb planting (easily the most challenging of missions). I profess I happily got caught up in the single player campaign popping trophies as I went. Who could ask for more?

Well, the adult in me has issues with Smash N Survive; aesthetically it doesn’t make sense to me. Being inducted into the warrior group ‘The Necromancers’ sees you battle rival faction ‘The Hooligans’ but for no real reason. The world seems perfectly intact, there are custom built arenas for car-wars as well as deserted cityscapes (all of which have power), all the cars are nice and shiny – as a guy raised on the Mad Max films I can only deduce that these people fight for no other reason than they can. I can live with that, games are supposed to be fun at all but it just sticks in my craw. However, there are bigger faults to be found – the levels. Whilst offering some great concepts (such as three aircraft carriers lined up together), these are graphically stunted next to the car models, often coming across as basic frameworks developed no further than you might expect of games on your PS2 or PS1 – disappointing given the polish elsewhere.

Next to this Smash N Survives most criminal trespassings are its music (or lack of it) which is essentially the same guitar riff repeating, over and over and that the cars … well, they just don’t work. The handling of whatever ride you choose (or later buy from your hard earned rewards) is frustrating, most come equipped with a weapon; be it spikes, saws or flamethrowers meant to be used to obliterate your opponents, so much so that using them triggers an animation that you must endure showing your weapon in use – unfortunately the weapons never work.

not a scratch on it

That means that combat (the core aspect of the game) is reduced to ramming each other, often circling like sharks before hitting the boost button and t-boning your enemy. This was brutally disappointing taking out the tactical edge of choosing what car (and its weapon) you choose. Taking things online with other drivers what could have been a game of cat and mouse descends into a simple demolition derby. Ultimately this may be what some people seek but this isn’t how Smash N Survive presented itself.

It’s easy to pick Smash N Survive apart but for all its disappointments there are some great ideas shining through and I’m sure Version 2 Games will be back with better offerings in the future. Fans of the genre will have a perfectly fine time ploughing through the single player, its great in bite sized chunks but ultimately I was left disappointed and daydreaming of what could have been.


– Cars look great

– Car Combat!!!

– Big imagination (in places)


– The Music

– The Combat doesn’t work

– Driving could be tighter


Family Focus

free of any adult content gamers can happily bash cars together here as they would toy cars on the kitchen floor, the story is so non existent that mission goals are easily achieved by destroying all the opposition. if your kid loves cars and explosions this is the game for them.

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