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Posted by on Mar 9, 2012

Dark Souls Series Will Continue to Haunt and Reward the Brave

Dark Souls Series Will Continue to Haunt and Reward the Brave

While it really isn’t a direct sequel to From Software’s Demon’s Souls, the dev studio says that the semi-Dark Souls-series won’t be dying (or calling it quits and throwing controllers out the door) any time soon. In an interview with Game Trailers, From Software says it expects to give gamers more rewards, grief, and challenges in the future.

“Of course, it’s not over yet,” said R&D Head Masanori Takeuchi. “You have to go back to our roots, which is King’s Field. We’ve made many games in that series. We’ve always been enamored by dark fantasy action RPGs. That’s just been our core DNA and I think we’ll continue to utilize that.”

While gamers tended to shy away from the daunting challenges of Dark Souls, the title went on to win numerous awards from critics, many saying that the rewards that come with triumph (and hard lessons learned) are something rare in video games today. Death was part of the experience, and some gamers learned to embrace it. Others, not so much.

“We’ve always been about making games for the core gamer, and they weren’t necessarily games that did well financially, which is too bad,” Executive Producer Eiichi Nakajima said. “The success of both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, which have each sold over a million [copies] per title worldwide, has made us shift our thinking internally to not just core gamers, but to globalize our prodocuts, that they can be successful on a worldwide scale.

“That’s now one of the key pillars we consider when we develop games in the future.”

So would we dare to venture into something else that From Software is going to offer? That depends. The more adventurous, challenge-seeking player will definitely appreciate From’s approach to games. “You are Dead” will most likely be burnt into the inside of our eyelids by the time we reach the end of their games, but what a sweet, sweet reward it shall be.

“We know what butters our bread, obviously it’s consumer games,” said Takeuchi. “That’s where we see some of our key strengths. That being said, as developers, we like to do new things and new challenges will help us mature and grow as a developer. Smart phones and tablets are an interesting challenge for us.”

Death on the go? Sounds like an uphill battle, but From Software knows that while it might not be as hardcore as a home console, they’re still going to offer mobile gamers that same experience. The team certainly aren’t afraid to take risks.

“If we go down that path, it’s not going to be what you see on the market today, [which are] more watered down, less ‘core’ experiences,” said Takeuchi. “We like to make games for core gamers, so if we take that approach, it’s going to be a core experience on a tablet, something that gamers are going to love.”

Via VG 24/7.

Tabitha W.

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  1. Omfg yessssss just what I wanted to hear I’m hoping the souls searies goes on at least as long as the armoured cores have because these are absolutely my favourite games I. Got to level 468 on demons souls before I let my buddy borrow and I’m still grinding out past 350 in dark souls and can’t get enough and I’m pumped for dark souls prepare to die to come out on console.

  2. yes please continue the souls line, and dont for the love of god tone it down. If they want easy they can go play skyrim

  3. i haven’t even heard of demon souls until i met my wife. her son plays that day in and day out. then he got dark souls. i tried them both and ended up buying my own copy of dark souls. it is a great game, surely challenging, though nothing short really fun. keep up the good work, i am in school for graphic design @ ITT so hopefully one day i can be as innovative as these titles are. keep them coming.

  4. This is the best series out there today. I cannot fathom not playing it at least once a week and I have played through it a ton already.

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