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Posted by on Mar 12, 2012

Zenimax, Mojang Settle “Scrolls” Lawsuit

Zenimax, Mojang Settle “Scrolls” Lawsuit

For some time now, Mojang and Zenimax have been in court over the use of the “Scrolls” trademark for Mojang’s newest title. Zenimax has stated that they own the trademark, while Mojang states that the game has nothing to do with the Elder Scrolls universe and there is no infringing on that brand.

As with most cases like this, the two sides decided to settle out of court, rather than going through the unpredictable trademark lawsuit, with a resolution that seems to appease both parties. Zenimax will receive the trademark for “Scrolls” from Mojang, but will turn around and license the trademark back to Mojang so they can continue work on their next title.

It seems like a little thing, but it does allow Mojang the ability to continue working on a title that looks to be supported by a ravenous fanbase, and allows Zenimax to avoid going to court and possibly losing the trademark “Scrolls” to anybody looking to create a game with a similar name. Now all parties can get back to what they do best: make quality games that people enjoy playing.

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