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Posted by on Mar 13, 2012

Crytek Set to Announce a “Spectacular” Title in April

Crytek Set to Announce a “Spectacular” Title in April

You remember that studio responsible for Crysis, the unbelievable title that came out ages ago, and yet still looks very much current-gen? They’re getting ready to blow everybody’s mind with a “spectacular” announcement next month.

In an interview at GDC with CVG, Crytek’s Nick Button-Brown said that the game will be “the best of that kind of project we’ve ever done.”

“There are so many things I can’t talk about,” said Button-Brown.

The tease came after Crytek said it would be focusing on free-to-play titles and its first mobile title during GDC. However, Button-Brown also said that the studio is still very much dedicated to its core audience and big triple-A titles.

“A big part of our business is big budget console and PC games,” said Button-Brown. “We are doing all these other things, but they’re on top of that and we’re doing them because they’re interesting.

“We still want to deliver the highest quality that we can, wherever we go. You know about Homefront, you know about Ryse. We are working on another project… [laughs] all three of which are looking really good.”

Other than being told repeatedly that the end result “looks spectacular,” details were very sparse in regards to the announcement. “The other project looks absolutely fantastic — I mean, genuinely the best of that kind of project we’ve ever done.

“It looks spectacular, the team are doing really, really well and it’s just really nice to see the team really enthusiastic about what they’re doing. They’re really happy.

“We’re going to carry on doing those games. We like doing mobile games, we like doing free-to-play, but we also like blowing things up in a visually stunning style.”

Well, so do we.

Via CVG.

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