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Posted by on Mar 20, 2012

The Boys of Silence Look For You in Bioshock Infinite

The Boys of Silence Look For You in Bioshock Infinite

Irrational Games continues to tease our interest in Bioshock Infinite with a new featurette trailer for another heavy hitter from the game, The Boys of Silence. The Boys of Silence, while not immense in size like some of the other heavy hitters, look absolutely frightening. Their heads are completely entombed in a huge bronze mask, with protruding gramaphones coming off of the sides, and a mouth opening that works similar to a bamboo flute.

The idea is that The Boys of Silence will replace the camera aspect of the first Bioshock game. These enemies are robbed of sight, but use their hearing canals to actively seek you out and call in other reinforcements to basically ruin your day. Spotting one of these enemies will most definitely require planning and thought.

Check out the full trailer below to see The Boys of Silence in action. Bioshock Infinite is coming in September 2012 for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 from Irrational Games and 2K Games.

Joseph Haygood

When not writing news and reviews for GGS Gamer, or hosting the truly terrible You Like the Worst Stuff podcast, I am actively seeking an on-call arch-nemesis.

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