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Posted by on Mar 26, 2012

GAME Goes Into Administration

GAME Goes Into Administration

For many gamers a giant “who cares?” might be the response to the news that GAME has gone into administration. There’s no real reason to care because many of us buy all our games online, but for me this is a great shame. Firstly because sometimes Gamestation (owned by GAME) actually has the best deal around, and secondly, because I’ve got a friend that works for the company. But really the situation has become clear: high street retail for a demographic that primarily spends their time indoors and online is a foolish business model.

There is hope in the line for GAME Group though: RBS today has hinted at a takeover to keep the company alive. With 6,000 jobs in Britain, the bank (which is majority owned by the taxpayers) is looking to keep as many of those in place as it can by being the frontrunner in buying the group. If they can’t get it sorted then GAME might find itself broken up and sold off piecemeal. GAME stores will still be open for business in the short-term.

Via [Eurogamer].

Dan Spicer

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