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Posted by on Mar 27, 2012

Reggie Fils-Aime saunters onto American 3DS

Reggie Fils-Aime saunters onto American 3DS

So do we call him Reggie Miis-Aime or Reggie Fils-AiMii? Or just plain Reggii?

Nintendo of America’s president-with-the-piercing-gaze arrived on 3DS this morning, heralded by a SpotPass message and a pleasant blue dot on the StreetPass Mii Plaza icon.

There’s a couple of StreetPass intricacies to point out. First, Reggie is classified as a “Special Mii,” which you can usually only grab by attending Nintendo events. Special Miis are the equivalent of a Verified Twitter account: they are authorized as the official, Nintendo-approved Mii of the personage. Special Miis twinkle a bit and have golden pants. As you would expect.

If this is the first time you’ve encountered a Special Mii, you’ll get an Accomplishment added to your Plaza list.

Special Miis are Level 5 right from the start – usually Miis have to level up by repeated StreetPassing – which makes them invaluable fighters in the Plaza’s adorable Find Mii RPG. The ability to buyback Miis by using Play Coins means you’ll be drafting Reggie over and over again to hack through the Find Mii baddies.

Reggie, predictably, has been “recently playing” Kid Icarus: Uprising. He seems nonplussed by my sweet Arwing hat.

Joe Fourhman

Joe never went through a phase where he dyed his hair black.

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  1. Dude, what is going on with your head? You should get that checked out at the Mii Plaza Doctor. They have creams for that.

    • Don’t be jealous because your Mii has some sad-ass cliche Mario hat. I am sporting an Arwing which I find a wonderful counterpart to Reggie’s twinkly man-breasts.

      • I am just unhappy that there is no plaid hat that I have found on every other avatar/picture on other systems. I need that hat to be complete.

  2. I should also note that even Reggie’s Mii is downright imposing with its dead eyed glare.

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