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Posted by on Mar 29, 2012

GAME Looks Set to Split Up As Buyers Appear

GAME Looks Set to Split Up As Buyers Appear

Once again the news storm surrounding GAME rears its ugly head. Today we find out that OpCapita (owner of Comet and previous bidder for GAME) has once again put in a bid for GAME and Gamestation stores in the British Isles. They may have a fight on their hands as reports emerged earlier in the day that RBS might be looking to buy GAME out of administration, though given that this would be a temporary measure it seems far more likely that OpCapita might be successful. As for the branches of GAME in the rest of Europe, GameStop looks interested in buying GAME’s Spanish, Portuguese, and Czech Republic stores. This news unfortunately doesn’t confirm the safety of jobs within GAME stores around Britain and Ireland.

What does all this mean for customers? Well, given that you buy most of your games from PSN, XBLA, and Steam, not a whole lot. But you will notice that either the GAME or Gamestation store in your town is likely to have closed in order to reduce internal competition. You’ll also notice that the websites for both companies is down for “maintenance” but the good news is that reward cards have been reactivated on pre-owned games. So bad news if you’re looking to pick up new releases because all those points you’ve stacked up are worth diddly-squat unless you’re going for something second-hand. As always, we’ll keep you updated if a buyer is finally found for the ailing business.

Via [Eurogamer].

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