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Posted by on Apr 11, 2012

Qore and Nintendo Week close up shop

Qore and Nintendo Week close up shop

With almost no warning, both Nintendo Week and Sony’s Qore advertainment shows have folded their hands and left the table.

Nintendo Week’s last episode premiered March 29 on the US’ Nintendo Channel, while Sony announced Qore’s finale installment yesterday. Both services did pretty much the same thing: pimp upcoming games by talking directly to fans. Nintendo Week was free to watch on North American Wiis, while Sony always expected you to pay for Qore in some fashion (but you could get free selected games and themes and whatnot.)

Nintendo Week launched in September 2009 and ran new 8-15 minute episodes each week (most of the time.) Qore debuted in June 2008, formatted as a monthly half hour show. Each endured the loss of original hosts; Veronica Belmont left Qore in October 2011, and Alison Whitney left Nintendo Week in February of this year.

With the Wii U launching soon, and all eyes on Sony to see when they’ll admit a PS4 is coming, it seems like an unusual time for both to abandon what was essentially corporate-controlled hypevertising thinly disguised as entertainment content. To me, this says that viewership just wasn’t there to justify the expense of production. If either show could be counted on to grab the eyeballs of an absurdly impressive number of viewers for each episode, you can bet Nintendo or Sony would have kept it going.

Both shows tended to sound like press releases come to life, but it was cool when they would interview a developer or preview a game that actually looked good. We always sit in suspicion of game-related TV shows and big shot websites as being bought and paid for by the companies. At least with Nintendo Week and Qore, we KNEW the content was bought and paid for.

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  1. I scoffed at Qore when it was first announced, but when I got PS Plus and checked out an episode, I did like the quality and production values that were present, although I got a weird skip in the video from time to time.

    The Uncharted 3 episode that featured Amy Henning from Naughty Dog was fantastic, as was the one with Jenova Chen and Journey.

    However, the loss of Veronica Belmont really hurt the show, as JESSEE “LOOK I AM EXTREME” guy was terrible. He always seemed to be trying to be cool and hip, and it came off flat. I also could not get into the weird features like foods of Seattle and the like that just did not fit in with the show.

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