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Posted by on Apr 16, 2012

Review: Wrecked Revenge Revisited (XBLA)

Review: Wrecked Revenge Revisited (XBLA)

Title: Wrecked Revenge Revisited
Platform: XBLA, PSN (reviewed on XBLA)
Developer: Supersonic Games
Publisher: 505 Games
Tagline: A fun car combat racing game, minus the fun
Family Friendly: Click here for more information.
Verdict: Skip it

When car combat racing is done right, it can be a blast to play. It can be a barrel of fun in single player and a hoot when it comes to multiplayer action. Jumping into Wrecked Revenge Revisited, I wanted all of this to be true. Time has not been kind to the car combat racing genre, and even giants like Twisted Metal have not made a huge dent when it comes to revitalizing the genre. Well, don’t look to Wrecked to be the game that changes your perception on this matter, as it lacks a prime quality – fun.

Jumping into Wrecked, I decided that I would spin the tires in the single player mode, just to get a feel for the controls and the car physics. Problems crept up immediately, as I saw that players were getting a total of eight tracks to play through in Wrecked. And you get to repeat them quite a bit, as the four challenge levels repeat through the same eight tracks. Sure, I don’t need a ton of tracks, but the idea of lengthening a single player experience by making me go through the same tracks again and again, with the only change being the gameplay type, is a bit cheap. Developer Supersonic Games did not do itself any favors by pricing the game at 1200 MS Points and then having a DLC pack day one for the game adding two tracks and a couple of new weapons.

But hey, I can get past the limited tracks if you have fun, engaging combat, and Wrecked is okay when it comes to delivering. The cars handle well enough, with a good amount of slide and give, and the weapons, which there are plenty of to unlock, are really interesting, but the nauseating camera made me want to throw up at a moment’s notice. Normally, the camera chases you from above, but during certain turns or power ups, the camera will pan out to the side, or zoom in close, making you lose all perspective on what you are doing in the game. Routinely, I found myself going off a cliff when the camera would change angles. If you want to do interesting things with the camera, let it be an option, as camera placement can make or break a racing title, and here it just takes any momentum out of my gameplay session.

As stated before, there are a lot of options when it comes to the cars themselves, with different paint jobs, weapons, rims and more that can be unlocked as you play through the main game and the multiplayer modes. The weapons are interesting and unique and are a lot of fun when you are not in vomit comet mode from the sweeping camera changes. Even the cars themselves have a neat and distinguished style that is unique to Wrecked. I did like going through and checking out the different options and finding out which combination was good for each race.

Okay, so while the single player was a boring affair, I could at least take solace in the fact that multiplayer is normally where games like this tend to shine. Except for one caveat – no one is playing the game. I went to do a quick match, and no games existed. I then set up a game and waited for about a half hour, with nary a taker in all of that time. So I decided to play the multiplayer split screen with my son. We found the multiplayer fun when playing against another human opponent, but game does not populate with bots if you have less than four players, which kind of stinks. Maybe I missed this feature, but I looked all over the place, but could not find a way to fill out a race with bots. Multiplayer seems to be where the fun starts in Wrecked, but with a lack of players online, you will need to make sure you have someone that wants to share the couch to play.

All in all, Wrecked Revenge Revisited is the type of game that could be a lot of fun with friends, but sadly, it never lives up to its full potential. A terrible camera, boring single player and a lack of multiplayer games kills any enthusiasm for this slightly overpriced title. Maybe a five dollar price cut would have made it more palpable for consumers, but as it stands right now, I would skip it and wait for the next contender.

You Are Winner

  • Lots of car options and unlockables
  • Tracks are of an interesting design

Crash and Burn

  • Nauseating camera switches
  • Lack of players online
  • Single player is very boring and uninteresting

Family Focus
Wrecked Revenge Revisited is very friendly towards family play. While you do have cars with weapons strapped to them, the cars explode in a fun and comical way. It also does have quick pick up and play controls that most kids can grasp. Kids will need a good imagination to make the game fun however. Safe for all ages in my opinion.

Joseph Haygood

When not writing news and reviews for GGS Gamer, or hosting the truly terrible You Like the Worst Stuff podcast, I am actively seeking an on-call arch-nemesis.

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