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Posted by on Apr 19, 2012

Prey 2 Not Cancelled Says Bethesda, Just Delayed

Prey 2 Not Cancelled Says Bethesda, Just Delayed

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about the rumored cancellation of Prey 2 by Bethesda. The discussion picked up a full head of steam during this year’s GDC event, when Bethesda had Human Head Studios cancel all of their talks and discussions about Prey 2. From that point, the lack of word from Bethesda and Human Head Studios lended itself to the discussion that the game had been cancelled.

After all this speculation and chatter on the Internet, Bethesda finally send out an official press release today, stating that Prey 2 has not been cancelled, but will not make its 2012 release windows as previously expected. The press release goes on to discuss that Bethesda has made a substantial investment in the title, but development has not progressed to Bethesda’s expectations. However, the game is still retooling and looking to meet the high expectations that gamers look for in Bethesda published products.

After reading the press release, I am happy that Prey 2 has not been cancelled, as it was a standout at E3 2011. Its mix of Blade Runner visuals and bounty hunting premise really struck a chord with press at the show but since then, we have seen little of the game, beyond a few screenshots. Human Head has a lot to live up to with the initial trailer that was released, and maybe it was far more difficult to make those concepts happen, but kudos to both parties continuing development, rather than cancelling this project outright.

Funny thing in all of this is Bethesda mentioning that they are pushing the game back because it did not meet its expectations for a quality product. Where was this review process when Rogue Warrior was coming to release? Reviewers like myself would have appreciated that title getting a retooling and delayed.

Joseph Haygood

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