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Posted by on Apr 24, 2012

Obligatory Sports Game PES 2013 Out This Autumn

Obligatory Sports Game PES 2013 Out This Autumn

I used to take sides on the PES vs. FIFA fight, but it soon became apparent that the more “realistic” they got, the less enjoyable they were. They’re not like playing actual football, and they’re not enjoyable as a game. I have FIFA 12 but I used to be a PES fanboy, and I can truly say that neither of this Autumn’s releases will be in my games collection. However, if you truly must have the up to date football game then consider PES 2013 on every platform under the sun except Mac (probably) and Vita (maybe). It’s even on PlayStation 2. Yep. Such was the dominance of that console that new releases will still be coming out. Even though the hardware can’t support any of the new developments so all you’re buying is updated team lists following the transfer window.

It is, of course, boasting PES Full Control, which of course makes things more realistic, except for when you get too good at skills and let your right back waltz past the opposition before performing a rainbow flick over the keeper. I should come clean about why I’m being so cynical. One: football is about passing more that individual skills because it’s a team game (see Barcelona), and two: I played football as a defender and modern football games make a mockery of that team member. These football games don’t reflect the team-work element of the game unless you’re playing alongside a friend. To PES’s credit, they’ve apparently improved goalkeepers, so that’s some recognition for players who aren’t Ronaldo or Messi.

There is a video after the jump but it’s just Cristiano Ronaldo’s smug face in real life and CGI.

Via [Eurogamer].

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