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Posted by on Apr 24, 2012

“Unexpected” Title from Capcom to be Announced in Famitsu

“Unexpected” Title from Capcom to be Announced in Famitsu

Famitsu, the top gaming magazine of Japan, always has interesting news. This week is no different, as the publication has hinted at a gigantic Capcom feature planned for this week. According to a preview of the magazine, there will be joint coverage of Resident Evil‘s 15th birthday along with some guides and tips for Operation Raccoon City.

According to a translation from Andriasang, the issue will also have a first-look at an unexpected title from the fabled Japanese publisher.

This particular issue of Famitsu will be released on newsstands in Japan April 26th.

If you’re willing to wade through the Japanese, here’s a peek at the magazine preview:

Via Andriasang.

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