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Posted by on Apr 25, 2012

Toy Soldiers Cold War Adds New Mini-Campaign DLC

Toy Soldiers Cold War Adds New Mini-Campaign DLC

The folks at Signal Studios have been all quiet on the western front since the release of Toy Soldiers Cold War on both XBLA and the Windows Phone 7, but now, we have two new map packs that extend the action to two new fronts in the Cold War.

The first new pack is called Evil Empire, where you get to take control of the Soviet army and destroy the capitalist pigs of the west once and for all. The Evil Empire campaign takes place over three missions where you fight through Cuba, Russia and more as you show off the claimed superiority of the army of the Great Bear. New boss fights can be found, as well as new mini-games and a special survival mode.

The other DLC pack is called Napalm, and as you can probably infer from the title, has the US Army firmly set in the jungles of Vietnam. Again, you have a three mission campaign that you can play through, and a new assortment of mini-games and a new boss battle. A survival mode is also present, where you take over as the Commando unit on his lonesome to fight endless waves of NVA opposition.

Each DLC pack will set you back 400 MS Points, and you will need the full game to play either of the expansion packs. Evil Empire and Napalm are on the Xbox Live Marketplace starting today, so join the ranks of the Cold War today. Toy Soldiers: Cold War is developed by Signal Studios.

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