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Posted by on May 9, 2012

Portal 2 Sales at 4 Million and Counting

Portal 2 Sales at 4 Million and Counting

Valve humblebragged today that Portal 2 has sold over 4 million copies and downloads across Xbox 360, PS3, Mac, and PC. No biggie. But it looks like it still has to play catch up with its dad: Portal managed 4 million excluding Steam. I was incredibly late to the party with Portal 2, because it remained pretty expensive (a testament to the game’s quality), and it certainly belongs in the top echelons of gaming. I found it to be a holy grail of puzzle gaming: enjoyable. That’s right, normally I detest being tested, but with Portal and Portal 2 Valve made it feel fun.

These sales figures have been “coincidentally” released to coincide with the release of the level editor for PC and Mac allowing the community to rack your brains for the working bits from now until forever. The DLC is called “Perpetual Testing” so go out there and get creative.

Via [Eurogamer].

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