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Posted by on May 24, 2012

Delay for Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

Delay for Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

ArenaNet’s upcoming MMORPG juggernaut and possible WoW slayer is holding back their next Beta Weekend so that they can install a whole bunch of new server hardware. After the colossal demand from Beta Weekend 1, technical issues arose, so after stress testing their hardware they’ve decided some server sprucing is in order. Once the upgrades are in place ArenaNet will be in a position to announce a new date for Beta Weekend 2.

So many games are released buggy these days that it’s really refreshing to see ArenaNet taking precautions. If they’re going to live up to their hype they’ve got to make sure the initial release is impressive enough to permanently steal customers away from WoW and convince them to stay; unlike SW:TOR. I’ve never been more excited for a MMORPG before. Probably because it’s got no monthly subscriptions and I’m a budget gamer (roughly translates to “I’m tight”), but I really feel that GW2 has some serious promise. It should feel like a real game which happens to be an MMO. So many MMORPGs feel like their hook is that they’re an MMO and the game part is secondary. GW2 may well revolutionise the MMORPG market. If not, it’ll be fun, and at least you won’t have to pay every month to keep playing.

Via [Eurogamer].

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