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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012

REVIEW: Equator

REVIEW: Equator

Title: Equator
Platform: iPad 2+
Developer: TigerFace Games
Publisher: TigerFace Games
TL;DR: Tiny Wings meets Number Munchers.
Family Friendly? Click here for more information.

Equator is definitely a unique way of looking at a game on an iPad. Featuring kid-friendly graphics and a cute way to introduce the little ones to basic algebra, the game accomplishes its goal amiably and quickly: teach kids about math.

It does so in a fun manner. Bright colors, little fruit, and cute little woodland creatures come out to help in this game that can be played by two people simultaneous on an iPad. Not a great set up, but it works if you have the time and place.

The premise of the game is to keep the planet in check and constantly moving from day to night, and to do this you have to balance the answer of each side with the other. One player will take the daytime side, and another the nighttime. Together, it’s your goal to find out what would be the best possible answer to come to.

Obviously the best way is to create an equation on one side, and then match the answer on the other side. Broken down in seasons, starting at Autumn, the challenges are rather simple at first. However, after passing Winter and moving into Spring, the equations become more complex, moving from simple addition and subtraction to multiplication and division. It’ll take a little more brain power to figure things out, as the numbers also get bigger and more intimidating.

When playing the game, the iPad is divided in half. One side of the screen is dedicated to the “daytime,” and one dedicated to “nighttime.” This game does require two people, but if you’re crazy or don’t have someone to play with and just want to bend your mind a little bit, you could try balancing the world on your own.

Don’t say Atlas wasn’t a warning.

With cute graphics, and cute little woodland creatures helping you out, it’s a delight to view the game. Easy to pick up and easy to put down, it also accomplishes its goal in being a mobile game. The only issue is trying to find a second person to play with — most iPad owners tote their own device around. Perhaps this title would have worked better as an online co-op game, but for now it will have to do.

If you and your kids are on a long drive somewhere, then Equator would be the perfect title to have on hand. However, if you’re a commuter wanting to waste a little time before the next bus arrives, this won’t be a title to help you.

It all adds up!

  • It’s cute, and it teaches basic algebra in a fun way.
  • Accessible to families looking for something to make the clock turn.

Why are the signs not working?!

  • Requires two people to play on one device, something that’s not readily on demand for most iPad owners.

Equator will be available in the AppStore for iPad only.

Family Focus
Very family friendly. In fact, the whole purpose of this game is to play cute with someone who isn’t math-savvy.

Tabitha W.

Best known for her dumb ass antics on Twitter, Tabs likes to play a lot of games, especially if it involves copious amounts of assassins, swords, and hot cyborgs. She also likes a lot of coffee, and requires a weekly cupcake sacrifice. Don't forget the bacon.

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