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Posted by on Jan 3, 2013

Music, Platforming & Bollywood Collide in “Bollywood Wannabe”

I love quirky games. Games that offer me experiences I haven’t had before, or at least clever twists on familiar experiences.

I also count music/rhythm games and platformers among my absolute favorite genres. For the purposes of this story, it’s also important to note that I think Indian Pop, Bhangra and/or Bollywood music are utterly fascinating.

Enter: Bollywood Wannabe. Just look at that trailer up there. This one screams to be played, in the hopes that it will truly deliver on the potential of its premise.

Bollywood is about to be rocked by a fantastic new film. The producer is an unknown and his script has been rejected by every publishing house. The stars have never been in a film before. The budget is practically zero. But none of that matters – all you need to have a smash hit is passion! The passion to dance, anywhere and any time…whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

Help Kumar and Kendra make their dreams of stardom a reality with Bollywood Wannabe, a fun new video game with a unique mix of rhythm and platform elements. Dance your way through each of the movie’s scenes – can you dance well enough to make the public want to join in? Will this movie be an indie success or a forgettable flop?

Bollywood Wannabe features:

  • Ten levels of pure Bollywood fun
  • Songs from artists such as Gupsy Aujla, G-Deep, Mr. P, Nishant Mudgal, Bob Mann, Riffat Sultana, Shivangi Bhayana and more
  • Gorgeous 2D cartoon graphics
  • A unique blend of rhythm and platform game elements

Bollywood Wannabe is available for Windows PC now.

Here’s an added tidbit about the game. It was developed by a one-woman game company – Chrysaor Studio – founded and owned by Catherine Levesque. Chrysaor’s goal is the deliver “quality, functional, original and fun games.”

See for yourself whether or not Bollywood Wannabe lives up to those standards by visiting You can grab a demo here.

Tony Sadowski

Tony is a Philadelphia-based writer and producer with a taste for the quirky and comical. A lifelong gamer and pop culture addict, he is also 1/3 of the team behind the You Like the Worst Stuff podcast. Connect with him using the links below, especially on Twitter @TweetsByTheTony. Or send your thoughts to!

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