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Posted by on Mar 4, 2013

FTW! Team Unicorn’s Catchy Ode to Gaming feat. Weird Al, Aisha Tyler & More [Video]

“Weird Al” Yankovic.

Aisha Tyler.

That dude from Mythbusters.

Dr. Claw.

Catchy song performed by a group of lovely women who seem to really dig gaming (and other general geekery).

Lyrics like: “Then like the lions in Voltron, we came together one year at Comic-Con” and “Double rainbows every day, Zelda we will play!”

Hilarious cosplay (hey, Fat Flash).

Team Unicorn Fat Flash

Team Unicorn FTW!

Just watch the damn video, so I’m not the only one stuck chanting “WIN! WIN! WIN! EVERYBODY, FOR THE WIN!” all day.

Here’s more:

Danger Maiden Productions and Stage 5 TV have joined the UniCorps! The production houses have banded with Team Unicorn as they smash and fight their way back onto the scene with their action-packed video for the original song For the Win!, a musical follow up to the award winning Katy Perry parody Geek & Gamer Girls.

Directed by Dave Yarovesky (“Ghild”, Geek & Gamer Girls) and with cameos from “Weird Al” Yankovic, Aisha Tyler (TV’s “Archer,” “24”), Ashley Holliday (TV’s “Hollywood Heights”) and Grant Imahara (TV’s “Mythbusters”), For the Win! finds Team Unicorn and their Nerd Army on a quest to destroy evil in a post-apocalyptic world while promoting truth, justice and the Unicorn way.

For the Win! features stunts choreographed by Garrett Warren (Avatar, Transformers), and a Goon Army composed of Hollywood’s top stuntmen, fighting in an epic battle for the sake of humanity.

Stage 5 TV (
is an entertainment network focused on delivering unique, high quality
programming dedicated to Gamers and Geeks.

Get ‘corned.

Tony Sadowski

Tony is a Philadelphia-based writer and producer with a taste for the quirky and comical. A lifelong gamer and pop culture addict, he is also 1/3 of the team behind the You Like the Worst Stuff podcast. Connect with him using the links below, especially on Twitter @TweetsByTheTony. Or send your thoughts to!

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