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Posted by on Mar 25, 2013

Don’t Shoot the Alien. BE the Alien in UFO Studios’ “Revelation”

In Revelation, YOU play the alien flying around in crazy space vehicles and using out-of-this-world technology. Sure, you could play another game in which some grunting human dude wearing brown armor single-handedly shoots down a host of highly sophisticated alien invaders with, like, a few guns…but the team at UFO Studios is hoping to create something fresh with their game, now looking for your pre-release support to get off the ground.

Check out the opening cinematic for Revelation above. What else can you expect to find and do in the game?

In this unique form of flight simulation and stealth infiltration game YOU are the alien in control of alien space vehicles and technology that makes human weapons look like puny toys. Then again, those humans have a lot of toys to throw up against you. Not only that, but they will absorb your alien technology to adapt and improve their own each time you fail. If that weren’t enough, you’re not the only aliens on Earth. Your rival, embedded deep below Earth, have made the move to subsume humanity by taking over their greatest source of power, their leaders.

Revelation is a UFO flight simulation and stealth game where you pilot alien craft as an alien of the Grey race. You confront human forces from around the world and Reptilian aliens buried in deep underground military bases. In the way Close Encounters of the Third Kind used realistic portrayals of aliens, Revelation will be based off of actual alien abduction reports and how they interact with military and political governments. The quarantine on humanity’s protection from invasive alien species has been lifted as of December 21, 2012 and it’s up to you to determine how, when, and if you will save the human race… even if it means destruction of the Earth.

Remember that Mayan calendar thing? Enough time has passed that that ref is quaintly clever, I think.
Revelation alieneyeback_v3web

Revelation developer UFO Studios was founded by longtime game maker Don Goddard in 2009. He’s worked with big name companies on big name franchises: “SEGA, Rockstar, MicroProse, Midway and Interplay; Sonic the Hedgehog, F-15 Strike Eagle, Gunship, Troy Aikman Football and Transworld Surf.”

Pulling together a team of talented designers from all over the industry, UFO Studios hope to craft “games with higher quality and a deeper long-lasting impact through original and creative interactivity.”

Don Goddard also happens to have been into ghost hunting since 1995 and he’s studied THE PARANORMAL for decades. The attention to detail and focus of the game makes a bit more sense:

  • UFO simulation where you pilot a variety of alien craft
  • You are the alien! An alien of the Grey race interacting with human civilians and military.
  • Flight physics utilizing methods of electrogravitic and electrostatic behaviors
  • Based off of the popular modern mythology of UFOs and aliens
  • Unique alien technology. Everything from implants and biotechnology to weapons and spacecraft
  • Evolutionary game play as humans adapt your alien technology and use it against you
  • New subgenre of flight simulation using far more versatile and intense aerial dogfighting tactics
  • Stealth based gameplay from a vehicle with surgical, precision based interactions

Sound like a project worth supporting?

UFO Studios has put together several pre-order packages for Revelation, so click here to check them out.

Tony Sadowski

Tony is a Philadelphia-based writer and producer with a taste for the quirky and comical. A lifelong gamer and pop culture addict, he is also 1/3 of the team behind the You Like the Worst Stuff podcast. Connect with him using the links below, especially on Twitter @TweetsByTheTony. Or send your thoughts to!

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