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Posted by on Apr 9, 2013

Watch first episode of Thank You For Playing now!

Watch first episode of Thank You For Playing now!

An ambitious new video game show has been launched with the pilot episode available to watch online now.

Thank You For Playing aims to bring a new kind of dedicated program for gamers that they may have missed in recent times by offering humour, professional insight and welcoming requests of what you want to see in the show.

Its format is different from shows you may watch on TV but familiar to us gamers as each episode is separated into different worlds and levels. Viewers are free to watch content in any order they please and are encouraged to save their progress in a profile so that they don’t miss anything.

Episode or rather World 1 is called ‘Together’ and focuses on interactivity within games and the industry itself including looking at tips on how to start your own fundraising campaign for game development.

Originally called Project Possum it has been funded via indiegogo and makers Explosive Alan Productions are still looking for further investments to develop it into a complete series.

Check out the show at

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