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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013

E3 2013: Catch ‘Em All on October 12th – Pokemon X & Y Released

The worldwide release date of Pokémon X & Y has been announced by Nintendo at E3 today – October 12th 2013. Even more conveniently, that’s a Saturday, allowing a whole weekend of Pokémania before you 9 to 5 types have to return to reality. Get it in your diaries!

The game marks the first time a Pokémon type has been added for over a decade – the Fairy Pokémon. This 18th type will be super effective against Dragon types, and will include new Pokémon Sylveon and reclassifies older ones such as Gardevoir, Marill, and Jigglypuff. Details of no less than three new Pokémon have been released – Sylveon, Noivern and Vivillion:

Sylveon is a Fairy type Pokémon with ribbonlike appendages that can entwine people and enemies and calm them. Sylveon can learn Moonblast, a brand new Fairy type move that summons the power of the moon to cause damage and lower the opposing Pokémon’s Attack stat.



Next up is Noivern, a combative Flying and Dragon type Pokémon that uses ultrasonic waves to fly through the dark and attack enemies. Its signature move is Boomburst, an explosive soundwave that is so uncontrollably powerful it will attack enemies as well as allies.



Finally, brand new Bug and Flying type Pokémon Vivillion rounds up today’s new pocket monster information. Supposedly there’s a secret behind the decorative pattern on Vivillion’s wings, which it uses to scatter scales or create gusts of wind. The Pokémon can learn Struggle Bug, an attack that damages and lowers the Special Attack of the opposing Pokémon.



Another new feature is Pokémon Amie, allowing the player to befriend their little digital friends and make them happier. You can pet them using the stylus, feed them treats, or imitate the expressions the selected Pokémon is making into your 3DS in order to bond with them.


The simultaneous worldwide release ensures that Pokéfans everywhere can immediately get to grips with, and trade and battle with each other, in  the new world of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, available on the Nintendo 3DS from October 12th 2013.


Joe McGuinness

Joe is an eighties child raised on a strict diet of SNES and Game Boy titles. At level 14 he was fed a copy of Final Fantasy VII and evolved into a gaming glutton who to this day holds a tender place in his heart for classics and retro-style homages. When not glued to a Nintendo 3DS or an iOS device he can probably be found crying in front of a cancelled FOX TV show. 3DS Friend Code: 1564-2914-3215.

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